Friday, September 26, 2008

Loving buddies

One of the biggest rewards in my job is watching the relationship between BIG and little evolve. It has only been two weeks and so many of our Little Warriors are devoted to the big buddies! The beauty of this set-up is the feelings are mutual.

Aren't we lucky to have this experience within our community? Just think of the memories we are creating for our future leaders! Enjoy the pics!

The rainforest

What an exciting week we had learning all about the rainforest. This weekend ask your children what animals live in the rainforest? What they eat? What they like best about the rainforest? I am amazed at some of the answers children came up with this week.

We were able to take a small field trip to our high school library to meet Ally the snake. The children were facinated to say the least. I was proud of both groups as they were respectful, curious, and asked great questions. Way to go team Warriors!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Great First Week

We had an amazing first week learning about our five senses. Enjoy a few pictures from our very busy first week! Enjoy.